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Company with Quality Management System Processing and Trade Marbles and Natural Stones. Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

White Marble of Imathia

White, of purity, of art, of finesse, of tradition, of civilization.

White marble, historical material, whose art and tradition is lost at the far end of the millenniums. Material which has ben used by architects and sculptors because of its clearness, beauty and resistance to the passing time.

kionasWhite marble of Veria. The entrance of King Philip's grave on the archeological sites of Vergina, as it stands doric and solid, having as only beauty its color and the quality, shows its value as the year pass.

The ground of Imathia, even today, gives the white marbles, which are considered as gifts to the humankind.

xartisContinuing the tradition of all the centuries, our company "MARVER" LASPAS-M.FLIATARIS O.E., after effort of many years, has the first and the most important material on sale, "the white marble of Veria", which comes from the private-owned stone-pit and also many other kinds of marbles, granites, porous stone and simple stone.